Daughter/Father Artist

Our Story

We are a Daughter/Father artist team who create nightlights using our own artwork. 

After being in business for years and talking to thousands of customers, we realized we learned something. In a world where everyone has almost everything, now a days the gift giving seasons can become a headache. You want a gift that tells someone you truly care about them, but also something that they would love and use. 

This created the idea of our Night Lights. We began our lighting journey by creating four-sided lamps with my paintings on each side encapsulated in our hand-crafted wooden craftsman style frame. Later from there, we transition into Night Lights after we kept hearing our customer asking for gift related items from us. We knew not everyone would need or want a $500 lamp, but a nice small Night Light as a gift is more in the average price range.

We hope our Night Lights bring joy to people. Either that joy is in the form of a gift or our art brings back a fond memory. We hope you will love them as much as we love creating and making them.